Coopers Inn was established in 1835.

Origionally a Cooperage – a workshop where a Cooper plied his trade making Barrels and Casks, 182 years ago was developed into a local Inn also. By 1940 the Cooperage was closed down and the family focused on the Inn.

Coopers Inn has a long tradition of great drink and service while recently – only in the last 40 years – also a tradition of quality food.

With the recent acquisition by the Fortune Family, Coopers Inn is seeing a rejuvination – while the bar still retains its historic features our new outdoor dining area brings our customers the choice of Old Ireland or relaxing summer dining.

We offer a varied barfood menu to suit all tastes and are especially proud of our locally sourced fresh seasonal fish dishes.

Coopers Inn offers something for everyone, a relaxing meal, a nice pint, a rich history and of course a taste of Killinick through our many local pumters.